Saturday, 10 October 2015

Low karma insect spray

Dettol surface cleanser isn't marketed as an insect spray, it isn't an insecticide and it doesn't kill insects. However one of its properties (which isn't mentioned on the label) is the ability to subdue insects.

A well-aimed squirt will  stop the most energetic bluebottle in mid flight so that it drops to the ground, then wanders around slowly in a tranquillised state where it may be picked up and escorted off the premises.    Flies that aren't removed will recover in a few minutes and then start buzzing round again.

The product is low-toxicity, low allergenicity and may be used in food preparation areas and for cleaning babies' high chairs and changing mats.

So if you want to avoid the karma of killing sentient beings, and the consequences of spraying your home and family with insecticidal  toxins and allergens, give it a try. At worst you may be creating the karmic causes to one day be ejected from an establishment in an inebriated state.

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