Saturday, 26 September 2015

Adorable bunnies put through hell for European petfood.

Farm rabbits crammed into cages

European animal lovers, next time you see the words 'containing rabbit' on your pet's food package, spare a thought for the lives of young rabbits put through a life of suffering from babyhood to the time they are minced into a food supplement.

From the Daily Express

"...Sickening details of the cruelty have emerged from farms in Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic and Greece, which offers an insight into the miserable lives of more than 330 million rabbits..."

"...Despite being one of Britain's favourite pets, many of the rabbits are turned into food for pets, much of which is bound for the UK..."

"...The animals are confined to small wire cages, which they are born in and where they stay until slaughter 80 days later..."

"...While newborns are crushed against the wire to kill themselves or left to fall through the sharp metal bars on the floor of their cramped hutches - where they will starve to death....

"...The bodies of these dead animals are then simply left to rot, with other rabbits forced to walk across the carcasses to make their way around the cramped cage..."

May Arya Tara take all these sentient beings to her pure land, and may Dorje Shugden make the perpetrators and enablers of this evil trade become aware of the horrendous negative karma they are bringing upon themselves.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

When Pakistan was Buddhist.

Buddha Statue from ancient Pakistan

'All too often, Pakistan is portrayed as a country of bombs, beards and burkhas. The view of it as a monolithic Muslim state is even embodied in the name of the country, 'the Islamic Republic of Pakistan'.

Yet, as Sona Datta shows, it used to be the meeting point for many different faiths from around the world and has an intriguing multicultural past - a past about which it is to some extent in denial. It also produced some extraordinary and little-known works of art which Sona, from her work as a curator at the British Museum, explores and explains...'  view it here