Thursday, 4 June 2015

One Moment Meditation Works Synergistically with the Apple Watch to Control Media Overload

From Yahoo
by Martin Boroson

Are you overwhelmed by technology or feel like you just don’t have enough time? Martin Boroson, who first revolutionized meditation training by showing people they can do it powerfully in short bursts of time, is now bringing his technique of One-Moment Meditation® to the Apple Watch.

In creating One-Moment Meditation®, Martin Boroson realized that many people didn’t meditate, because their expectations were too high or they just didn’t have enough time to practice it regularly. Boroson discovered that it really only takes a moment. And with that innovation, he has enabled hundreds of thousands of people to get over the ‘time barrier’ and quickly refocus thoughts and calm the mind.

“The result of today’s constant digital reminders and monitoring can be a feeling that we are controlled by our devices and need to do more within the same amount of time. This has proven to be counterproductive and overwhelming to many,” says Martin Boroson. “The introduction of the Apple Watch is likely to create an even bigger change in how we experience time and appears to be making giant steps towards a more synergistic relationship between device and user. Combine that with the many benefits of momentary mediation, and time might just become yours again...” more

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