Saturday, 6 June 2015

Four Proven Ways Mindfulness Can Help You at Work

From The Fiscal Times
by Maureen Mackey

"...In addition to reducing stress, Gelles shared three other benefits many corporate leaders, executives and workers are finding from mindfulness:

Increased focus and concentration. “We regain control of our attention.  We come back to our breath over and over again even when our minds wander – and they’re always wandering. Simple attentional training can yield big benefits in the long run.”

Improved creativity, calmness and compassion. “Many leaders who embrace mindfulness cite these valuable qualities. They especially find an increase in their empathy toward a range of constituents. Bill Ford at Ford Motor Company discovered this, as has Mark Bertolini, the CEO of Aetna.” Workers find their frustrations are not as unique as they think. That new understanding can become a liberating force.

Fuller awareness of everyday tasks. “You notice your thoughts, your emotions – then you proceed,” said Gelles. “It’s about being aware of small moments. This can be even more effective than taking a big chunk of time to practice mindful meditation...”   read it all

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