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Bangladesh government filled indigenous Buddhist regions with Muslims to outnumber and evict locals

Sujata Chakma (11 years old when raped and murdered)

"The flash crowds of Muslims from Bengal and Bangladesh that are crowding their way into Burma (Myanmar) is an artifical creation. Here is a background to these conflicts that originate in Muslim persecution of native Buddhists and Christians in Bangladesh. Myanmar is positioned neck to neck with Bangladesh and Bengal, so illegal Muslim infiltration is a constant problem. The Muslim held government and army of Bangladesh is committing genocide of Buddhists and Christians to get rid of all non-Muslim elements, with the financial backing and Sunni Salafi encouragement from the Middle East.

To make sure that the media does not get a hold of facts the Bangladeshi government issued an order that Jumma tribal people cannot speak to foreigners, or Bangladesh citizens from outside the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT), except in the presence of a soldier or government official. While the Muslim run government is filling the Jumma region with Muslims to push out the indigenous locals, the Home Ministry has imposed strict restrictions on foreigners getting permission to enter the CHT.

The hill people have also been subject to what is called “Love jihad” (sex grooming) of young children and girls, with abduction, rape and murders serving as a tool used by the Bangladesh military and illegal Muslim Bengalis to force conversion to Islam.

On 9 May 2012 an 11-year old minor indigenous [Buddhist] Jumma girl named Sujata Chakma (11 years) was raped and killed by a Muslim Bengali settler in the Ultachari mouza area of Atarakchara union in Rangamati hill district. Muslim settlers are encroaching indigenous land by the encouragement of the Bangladesh government. Sujata Chakma along with her nephew (5 year old) named Triratna Chakma was grazing cows half a kilometer from the village. According to Triranta Chakma’s statement, a bearded Muslim Bengali man came and forcibly took Sujata away towards upward of Sadachara. The villagers rushed to the spot, but by then Sujata had been raped and brutally killed, and her head was almost severed with forceful cuts by a machette or long knife.

Attacks on indigenous peoples’ villages are the most common way to evict the inhabitants from their lands. A Tripura refugee in India from Bakmara Taindong Para near Matiranga described what happened to his village in 1981 when the settlers moved into his village:

“Muslims from different parts of Bangladesh were brought in by the Bangladeshi authorities. Before that our village was populated only by Chakma, Tripura and Marma [Buddhists]. With the assistance of the government these settlers were rehabilitated in our village and they continued to give us troubles… they finger at the Jummas [locals] and the army beats them and robs them. They took all the food grain. Whenever we seek any justice from the army we don’t get it. All villagers lived under great tension due to various incidents all around. Three days after an incident when six persons had been killed, just before getting dark, many settlers came to our village, shouting ‘Allah Akbar’ (Allah is Great). When they arrived we escaped so the settlers got the opportunity to set fire“.

A Chakma refugee in Tripura told what happened to his village in 1986:

“I lost my land. Settlers came and captured my land. They burnt our houses first. They came with soldiers. This took place on 1st May 1986 at Kalanal, Panchari. My house was in a village with a temple. The whole village of 60 houses was burnt. After seeing this we ran through the jungles and eventually reached India, coming to Karbook camp.”

The following interview refers to events which took place on 21 November 1990:

“Muslim settlers wanted to take us villagers to a cluster village (concentration camp), but we refused to go there. The villagers were beaten up by the Muslim settlers of which three families managed to escape, one of which is mine. These three families came to Kheddarachara for ‘jhum’ cultivation. We stayed there for one and a half years. The day before yesterday the Muslim settlers came to the same village and rounded up the households. The settlers were accompanied by Bangladeshi soldiers. I took shelter in a nearby latrine when the villagers were rounded up. Later I tried to leave the latrine to go somewhere else. The village had been surrounded. As I was trying to escape, the Muslim settlers shot me. It was a singled barreled shot gun. The incident took place in the early morning around 6 o’clock. After getting the bullet injury I ran away into a safe place. I don’t know what happened to the other villagers. I ran away from the place for about half a mile. Then I fainted and lost consciousness. Two refugees went there to collect indigenous vegetables and brought me to the camp about 10 o’clock. I have been twice attacked to be taken to a cluster village, the second time I was shot.”

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