Sunday, 17 May 2015

Why artists need mindfulness

From  ArtsHub 
by Madeleine Dore 

"Mindfulness meditation is in vogue with celebrities singing its praising and countless courses, articles, and workshops promising to make you a guru. But beyond the buzzword, mindfulness has been proven to enhance immune function, increase positive mood and focus attention, make you look and feel younger, and improve mental health. What is more, mindfulness has specific benefits for creative professionals.

For artists who rely on a clear mind to nurture creativity, often face uncertainty in their careers, and have a greater susceptibility to depression, a mindfulness practice can be transformative....

"...Previously a documentary filmmaker, founder of Mindful in May Doctor Elise Bialylew told ArtsHub that mindfulness directly relates to creativity.

It is particularly helpful with creativity block. ‘If I need to write an article or a blog post or if I am just doing any kind of writing and I feel stuck, I will sit and do twenty minutes of practice.

‘I just know if I sit in quiet and not force it but rather be with presence, things usually become clearer rather than when you are getting yourself stuck in a “no idea” kind of place,’ added Bialylew.

To help you generate new ideas

Mindfulness has the ability to clear the mind and make room for new thoughts and ideas. For Bialylew, the idea to start Mindful in May came to her while meditating.

‘We live in a time that is so overloaded with information that our brains don’t have the space to integrate ideas,’ she told ArtsHub. ‘I think that meditation allows you space for a kind of incubation and way for ideas to rise to the surface in new ways.’"  Read it all  

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