Friday, 10 April 2015

Why You Must Meditate 12 Minutes a Day

From The Huffington Post
by Jon Wortmann

"My mind can find a million reasons every day why I don't need to have my daily sit. In the past, my extensive to-do list, the people who need me right now, and the false belief that I'm fine without it have gotten in the way of my practice. More truly, I have let them get in the way of my time to just be.

Now to be fair, I meditate regularly and I have for years. But, I confess, for years I have not been meditating every day. Sure I do mindfulness exercises most hours of every day. It is what keeps me well most of the time and one of my spiritual teachers, a Trappist monk, once told me that I don't need to meditate long if a short prayer brings me back to the present.

But he meditates for 12 minutes as many as seven times a day.

He was very kind in making room for my brain to work differently than his. He was gentle in not demanding more of my practice. Here's the thing: mindfulness is essential. We want to be mindful all the time. It is not an option. But meditation is a special kind of mindfulness and it really needs to be a part of every day..."  more

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