Thursday, 9 April 2015

Vajrasattva Purification Meditation for Twelve Step Recovery

From  The Way of Sunshine

"...The key element is to get in touch with our innate purity, and visualise white healing light dissolving or smashing out all of your imperfections, all your defects, all resentments, hurts, hates, jealousies, pride, and so on. There is the possibility of entreating Vajrasattva, or God, to help you in this, to remove all that would obstruct you from being a pure hearted servant of life, all that would disturb your loving kindness.

Thus, this practice is a perfect prayer for many of the twelve steps, or for general recovery work. There are aspects to suit steps three, six and seven, ten, eleven and even twelve, so any stage of the path. Whether you are starting out in the process of forgiving and loving yourself, or are decades in and struggling with various personal demons or defects, I would suggest this beautiful practice will be of immeasurable benefit.

I forget, sometimes, how beautiful, how stirring, how wonderful that connecting with one’s highest aspirations can be. Direct experience of the vow to serve others, the wish to liberate all life, can transport the meditator to purity, to bliss, to ecstatic tears.

One feels so beautiful, or so in touch with Beauty, in an aspiration so fresh, innocent, tender, perhaps nascent, as one is ready to dissolve into the boundless realms of love. The vow to serve life, to give, to cultivate wisdom and compassion so that one may further benefit others, is profoundly moving, childlike in its innocence, perfect as a reason for being in this world.

Although purification is not Vajrasattva’s only power, or attribute, it is one of the ones for which he is best known. So his practice and mantra are a part of the foundation yogas of tibetan buddhism, for purification of ethics and motives are very important. Without this kind of positive resolve, near perfect ethics, and pure intent, genuine spiritual attainment is very difficult.

So it doesn’t matter if you are in a dark place or are experiencing a degree of brightness in your life right now, this meditation will always be of benefit, until of course, you are Vajrasattva, but whether or not this might happen in this lifetime is only down to you..." Read it all

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