Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The Three Wishfulfilling Jewels of Kadampa Buddhism


From  Meditation in Tampa Bay

"The New Kadampa Tradition is an ancient system of Buddhist practice, founded by the great master Je Tsongkhapa, that emphasizes the practical application of Buddha’s teachings in everyday life. The three principal practices of this tradition are called Lamrim, Lojong, and Mahamudra, known as the “Three Wishfulfilling Jewels” of Kadampa Buddhism. Lamrim is the condensation of all Buddha’s teachings, Lojong reveals how to transform any daily experience into a meditation on Lamrim, and Mahamudra reveals how to experience profound levels of inner peace and bliss through meditation. Together, these three ancient wisdoms show how we can meditate in every moment! Since our modern lives are so busy, we definitely need this wisdom to make our lives meaningful.

These teachings are suited for anyone of any level of experience, so everybody can enjoy this enlightening weekend retreat. Each session will include teachings, chanted prayers, and guided meditations."

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