Friday, 24 April 2015

Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood's rock and roll life of, erm, meditation and House of Cards

From the Daily Mirror  
By Halina Watts

The guitarist and recovering alcoholic admits his biggest battle is staying sober but that now he loves the quiet life.

Eight meditation books a day, eggs on toast and bucketloads of Red Bull.

It doesn’t sound like the daily life of a Rolling Stone.

And 10 years ago guitarist Ronnie Wood would have been on the kind of drug-fuelled bender that led him to rehab eight times.

Life was so crazy he and bandmate Keith Richards “used to go at each other with broken bottles, all kinds of things” he says.

Now, as a recovering alcoholic, Ronnie’s biggest challenge is staying sober.

Thankfully, his wife, actress and theatre producer Sally, has got his back.

She too quit the booze when they wed in December 2012 and she says “his recovery comes first”.

As we sip on Diet Coke at London’s Roundhouse, where she is chairing charity fundraiser Time To Shine, she tells me: “Before Ronnie performs he has a lie-in and egg on toast, reads his meditation books, then it’s time to go to sound check.

“He has about eight meditation books that he reads every day. They are recovery books to keep his mind focused on being sober and clean every day..."  Read it all


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