Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Reincarnation: Boy Remembers Past Life As Hollywood Agent

From News Everyday 
by  Revathi Siva Kumar

When he was just four years, he began to have "horrible nightmares". When he was five, he said that he had something to tell her, and explained: "I used to be somebody else."

He would then talk about "going home to Hollywood, meeting stars like Rita Hayworth, traveling overseas on lavish vacations, dancing on Broadway, and working for an agency where people would change their names."

Ryan remembered a big, white house and a swimming pool in Hollywood, miles away from his Oklahoma home. He said he had three sons, but couldn't remember their names, which made him cry.

"I really didn't know what to do," Cyndi said to uvamagazine. "I was more in shock than anything. He was so insistent about it. After that night, he kept talking about it, kept getting upset about not being able to remember those names. I started researching the Internet about reincarnation. I even got some books from the library on Hollywood, thinking their pictures might help him. I didn't tell anyone for months."

"His stories were so detailed and they were so extensive, that it just wasn't like a child could have made it up," she said.

Being a Baptist, she kept his "memories" secret from everyone, even her husband, but kept searching in the library for a clue. "Then we found the picture, and it changed everything," she said to today..."  more

Also, from the Daily Mail

 "Meet the 10-year-old son of Baptist parents who has baffled experts with his vivid and accurate accounts of a past life dancing on Broadway and acting opposite Mae West.

Ryan, 10, a boy from Muskogee, Oklahoma, with Baptist parents claims he has been reincarnated and was an actor and agent in a past life

He claimed he was Marty Martin, who was in the Mae West film 'Night After Night' and performed on Broadway, after seeing him in a movie still

Ryan began seeing Dr. Jim Tucker soon after, a highly respected child psychiatrist who works with children who remember past lives

Even Dr. Tucker was amazed by Ryan's story, and found that 55 of his details match perfectly with Martin's life

What's more, Martin is such an obscure actor that there were no articles of pieces about him at all, and it took a film archivist to even learn his name

Ryan also knew the year Martin was born, even though it was listed incorrectly on his public death certificate...   read more

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