Monday, 27 April 2015

Mindfulness for kids and corporations

From The Australian
by Verity Edwards

"MELBOURNE entrepreneur James Tutton was worried about his children becoming stressed as they prepared for their annual NAPLAN tests.

Tutton, who founded the Moonlight Cinema Group in 1996 and sold it for more than $8 million 10 years later, developed a mindfulness program for children. The modern form of meditation is becoming popular in the US with high-profile people who include Arianna Huffington.

Two years ago he teamed up with public relations specialist Jane Martino to found the not-for-profit Smiling Mind that began offering a free app for children to use mindfulness. Its popularity grew and the Smiling Mind app and program is used by more than 4500 schools, 300,000 individuals and a growing number of companies, including IBM Australia and Google. “Mindfulness makes one a lot more cogniscent of one’s emotions and it gets people to focus on far more positive things than work, work, work and not doing anything else,” Tutton says. While some criticise the techniques as being a Band-Aid solution to underlying personal and work-related problems, Tutton says mindful meditation is a preventive tool and claims his programs allow people to think more clearly about their underlying problems..." more

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