Saturday, 18 April 2015

Is Meditation The Best Thing For Your Anxiety?

From Refinery29
by Colleen Barrett

While meditation can hardly be considered mainstream, psychologists are beginning to use mindfulness techniques in their work with patients. Lizabeth Roemer, PhD, one of the authors of The Mindful Way Through Anxiety, uses them to treat anxiety, and she sees how meditation could be beneficial, too. “If people learn to pay attention with acceptance and kindness to the present moment through their meditation practice, and are able to apply this in their lives in ways that keep them engaged with what matters to them, then I think this can help with anxiety.”?

This idea is not a new one, but has recently started gaining momentum. Last year, the Journal of the American Meditation Association of Internal Medicine  published a study that found meditation to be as effective as antidepressants in treating anxiety and depression. The findings are backed by brain scans from before and after people meditate. They show the brain is capable of building new cells and pathways — a phenomenon known as neuroplasticity. Meditation weakens the part of the brain that makes us take things personally and strengthens the part that allows us to feel empathy. Put simply, meditation changes the brain for the better..."  read it all

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