Thursday, 30 April 2015

Dharmapunx teacher Josh Korda on Buddhism, psychology, mindfulness, and his upcoming retreat

From American Buddhist Perspective
by Justin Whitaker

"...Can you say a bit about who/what Dharma Punx is?

    A: Dharma Punx is a  lot of things; certainly a community of people interested in pursuing spiritual lives, based on core buddhist principles of compassion, wisdom, meditation, social interactions based on egalitarianism rather than wealth, power, status. Dharma Punx was started by Noah Levine, who brought to buddhist teaching via rigorous, honest self-disclosure based on 12-step sobriety; teachers such as Noah, Vinny Ferraro and myself focus on presenting ourselves authentically, as flawed people trying to grow spiritually, ‘warts and all’ so to speak. I’d definitely note that we grew out of the recovery movement and other communities historically underserved by buddhist centers.

Coming with that honest, ‘warts and all’ approach has brought Buddhist teachings to a whole new audience. And your upcoming retreat is open to all ages and people of all meditation backgrounds, including complete beginners..." Read more

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