Monday, 23 March 2015

You no longer have to be weird to meditate

From The Huffington Post
by Dean Sluyter

"....Certainly, the image of meditation in the zeitgeist has shifted. Especially in these last few years, it seems to have reached some kind of critical mass of cultural acceptance. When I had books published in the past, I was happy if I could get a mention in Yoga Journal or Science of Mind. For my latest book, I've been interviewed by Prevention, InStyle, and... wait for it... Family Circle. Can you get more mainstream?

This dramatic change resembles the astonishing shift in attitudes toward gay rights, and I suspect that it's for a similar reason. A few years ago, the culture reached a tipping point where practically everyone realized they had a friend or neighbor or colleague or family member who was gay and who was a perfectly nice person, not a monster. Now we've reached another tipping point where practically everyone realizes they know someone who meditates and isn't a robe-wearing monk or a hippie weirdo... who, in fact, seems to have their act impressively together..."  read it all


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