Tuesday, 17 March 2015

You can't fix your mind when it's always on the move

Lawrence Levy
From the Harvard Gazette 
by Colleen Walsh and Lawrence Levy

"...I would say this: If you want to do any kind of inner work, any kind of inner self-reflection, examination, translation, we have to do something. The reason for that is because our minds are always on, and our minds our very habitual: We are constantly in motion in whatever our active thought and emotion are. It’s like trying to fix a car going 100 miles an hour down the highway. If you need to fix the car, you’ve got to find a way to get the car off the highway and stop to be able to fix it. We are like that in a way, because we are in motion all the time. We need to put a pause in that motion in order to have an opening for some sort of self-reflection or inner growth. And meditation is a great tool for that because it puts the pause in our lives. And when we do that other things will come in. And that pause works best when it’s regular, when it’s a habit. So we strongly encourage individuals to put in that five or ten minutes a day rather than an hour on the weekends or a meditation retreat once a year. That regularity, that habit of that practice, can be very fruitful for our lives...."  Full article

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