Monday, 30 March 2015

This Is the Year to Simplify the Workplace

From the Huffington Post
by Josh Bersin

"When you read an article in the NY Times Business Section about how the CEO of one of the country's largest healthcare providers is encouraging employees to take yoga and meditation classes, you know that there's something changing in the corporate lexicon.

"Mindfulness," as it is called, is all the rage in corporate circles at the moment. And it's not a shocker. In an era where we check our phones more than 150 times, send more than what seems like 100 billion emails on any given day, and are expected to be "on" pretty much 24/7, it's no surprise that corporate managers have come to realize that this non-stop nature of work eventually takes its toll on employee productivity, engagement, and morale.

However, the constant connectivity is only one part of the equation. The workplace is getting increasingly complex due to the increasing penetration of new technologies into the workplace, administrative compliance demands, as well as overly complex business processes.

In fact, Deloitte's Global Human Capital Trends 2015 report (a study of people-related issues in 3,300 global corporations across 106 countries), which was released last week, clearly documents the problem: 74 percent of HR and business leaders characterized their work environment as either "complex" or "highly complex."

If you think about the fact that a seemingly simple task of conducting performance reviews can take up to 1.8 million people hours , or that your compliance costs have tripled to $265 million in three years , you know that you have a problem on your hands.

As labor market conditions continue to improve at rates uncharacteristic of the past decade, and 2015 shapes up to be the year when most employees are likely to jump ship, mindfulness programs are only a fraction of the solution toward simplifying the workplace..." more

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