Monday, 16 March 2015

Punk Buddhism

From Buddhist Art News

by Miguel Chen

"...I spend about half of my time traveling with my punk rock band, Teenage Bottlerocket. Over the years we’ve been able to achieve mild success: I can make a little bit of money and support myself doing something I really love. Ever since I was a teenager all I wanted to do was play punk rock, go on tour, and see the world. It was an important part of my path even years before I would begin really contemplating such things. Eventually I did find myself actively looking for a deeper meaning. I was the last person I would have ever imagined would get into meditation, mindfulness, or spirituality.

Yet here I am: a few years into a daily meditation practice and finding myself happier, more connected, and alive than ever.

Meditation is a funny thing. This seemingly simple act—sitting on a cushion and being quiet—is actually an amazing tool that helps us start seeing things as they actually are. It helps us drop the illusion of how we think things are, or how we think they should be, and to just see and appreciate the truth. For me, this meant dropping my punk-informed attitude of “us versus them” and instead beginning to see connections that we all share..." more  

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