Thursday, 19 March 2015

Mindfulness Meditation Reaches U.S Schools to Boost Student Performance

From iSchoolguide  
by Hanna Sanchez

"Mindfulness meditation has become increasingly popular among professionals. Recently, this form of meditation has made its way into the education sector as psychologists and educators wonder if this could benefit students as well. According to Kristin Decarr of Education News, this practice is believed to help people stay balanced, focused, and stress free.

Emily Holland of The Wall Street Journal said mindfulness meditation focuses entirely on the present time. This allows participants to recognize and accept their situation without judgement. Its goal is to give an individual a sound mind and increased awareness.

"Studies show that grade-school-aged children who learn mindfulness and meditation are more focused and resilient," said Sarah McKay, a freelance science writer who specializes in the brain and mind. "It helps settle them down and improves concentration, particularly if done before school or after lunch breaks."

Advocates of the practice are bringing the movement into schools nationwide, believing this form of meditation can sharpen the students' focus, increase school performance, and reduce their stress levels..."  more

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