Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Meditation tips for procrastinators and perfectionists

From Tricycle
by Kate Johnson

"...The world of Western Buddhism is rife with perfectionists. Who else would be drawn to a practice with a stated aim of complete emancipation from suffering? At work or at school, our perfectionism may have received a lifetime of validation. But when we come home to our practice, we often find that the qualities of impatience, overexerting, and dissatisfaction, which seem to give us superpowers in daily life, become major hindrances in meditation. Not being able to meditate perfectly, or unable to discern any immediate tangible gain, we’d rather not do it at all. Or put it off for. . . later.

Below are some reflections for calming the Not Now Mind, and the cycle of perfectionism and procrastination that feeds it. Rather than trying to whip our minds into shape, which only seems to make the stakes higher and the practice less approachable, cultivate attitudes that pacify. These are not exactly tips—more like reminders of what we already know deep down to be true..."   more

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