Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Meditation Literally Changes Your Brain

From CityWatch 
by Christian Cristiano

"You’re probably not surprised to hear that meditation begins with understanding your brain. The neo-cortex is divided into 4 lobes with the frontal lobes processing our most evolved human experiences such as morality, love, happiness, joy and intelligence. With the help of fMRI machines, neuroscientists have now proven that through meditation we actually create more neuronal activity in the frontal lobes and throughout the entire brain. What this means is that with a regular meditation practice, we can change the physiology of our brains and make the cortex thicker helping us to experience more serenity and love.

Another incredible byproduct of meditation is the slowing of cellular aging that occurs in the brain. What this translates into is proof that meditation actually slows down the aging process. As we age we lose grey matter in the brain, and studies have now proven that through meditation, we actually maintain more grey matter than non-meditators which stacks up to less grey matter loss and a younger brain. 

Through the help of technology, neuroscientists have also proven that the Default Mode Network or DMN in the brain is slowed through meditation. This is the part of the brain that is responsible for mind wandering and ruminating or worrying about ones self. It has been shown that if a meditator does end up drifting off into worry it is easier for them to refocus and come back to reality as opposed to their non-meditating counterparts..."  more  

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