Wednesday, 25 March 2015

It's hard not to believe everything you think

From The Record Courier 
by Bridgette DeBoer

 "Just because we have a thought does not make it real. In fact the only reality is in awareness and true awareness is free from thought. Sitting in meditation can help you to become aware of your thoughts. When the body sits still the thoughts tend to increase. Resting in a comfortable space either lying down or sitting, as long as your spine is straight and gently closing your eyes begins the practice of meditation. Next, with a closed mouth placing the tongue on the roof of the mouth and allowing your breath to come in and out through the nose. Now paying attention to the rise and fall of the belly with each breath allows the mind to begin to calm. This takes patience as our minds move pretty quickly in our Western culture. After a few minutes the mind will begin to slow and at this point you may begin the practice of noticing your thoughts.

Meditation is not about having absolutely no thoughts. It’s more about allowing your thoughts to slow to a point that when they arise you are able to notice it as thought and let it go rather than attaching to the thought as truth...  more

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