Thursday, 19 March 2015

Information Overload - Taking time out to go tech-free

From Management Today
by Faisal Butt

"Talk of meditation, mindfulness classes and workplace massages still causes a raised eyebrow or two in many quarters of the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds, where there is little tolerance for about anything that might be perceived as new age or ‘spiritual’.

Particularly in the start-up environment I inhabit, there is still a prevailing belief that we need to work constantly to succeed, that regular 16-hour days are vital to success and that our digital devices have to be fully charged and accessible 24/7.

But in an era of ubiquitous and all-pervasive technology and media, the concept of needing a little headspace – or even reconfiguring our sometimes hostile work environments – is quickly gaining traction. Many no longer see it as an airy-fairy indulgence, but a business necessity.

As somebody who grew up in South Asia, moved to Silicon Valley, and now live in London, I have witnessed contrasting attitudes to ‘detoxing’ from work and I think London can learn a little from other cultural approaches.

Steve Jobs and counter-culture

The traditionally cynical, all-hours work culture of the UK is now adopting practices from the ‘hippy dippy’ counter-culture of California, where, for the last half-century, increasing importance has been placed on finding ones inner self amid the noise of modern life..."   Read more

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