Tuesday, 24 March 2015

How Mindfulness Can Help the Stress of Your Twenties

From The Huffington Post 

by Blake Colaianne

"Living through your 20s is exhausting. Suddenly you are faced with big questions that seem to require as-soon-as-possible answers. As if it wasn't hard enough, social media has transformed this time of life into what seems like a sprint-to-the-finish-line marathon. We want to be happy for each other and be there to support the people close to us. But we are constantly flooded with posts/pictures/tags/tweets/snapchats of someone's new job, apartment, house, relationship, wedding, baby, vacation, and anything else that someone else has or has "better" than you. And sometimes it makes you want to throw up your dinner. A dinner that wasn't as fancy as the one your friend posted a picture of anyways.

Social media has done a great job of connecting us to each other. The problem is that the more you connect yourself to the world, the more you compare yourself to the world. And the moment you feel unmatched against members of your generation, you feel stressed..."  read it all  

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