Thursday, 12 March 2015

Call for mass meditation to help cancer-stricken teenager

James Willetts, right, with siblings Cameron and Madison.
From Somerset County Gazette

"SEVERAL generous County Gazette readers have sent donations to help treat a teenager with an aggressive brain tumour.

His grateful family are now hoping that people can concentrate on sending their positive thoughts to James this weekend.

James, 17, of Taunton, is one of the world’s first patients undergoing a revolutionary treatment after he failed to respond to conventional chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

He is showing improvements after three sessions of a previously untried procedure that is unavailable on the NHS and cost £36,000.

It involves bolting a titanium port containing four small tubes to his skull, allowing medication to be targeted at the glioblastoma tumour with pinpoint accuracy.

As well as conventional medication, James has also been having meditation sessions with Hilary Miles, who hopes the community can get behind him.

She said: “We’re asking everybody of whatever faith or of no faith to think positive thoughts about James for a minute or two at exactly midday on Sunday, which is the time when I work with James.

“I’m doing a lot of work with James on meditation and positive thought and I feel this could have so much power if we all did this together.

“James has taken to meditation really well and it’s helping him to get better – using the mind to help heal the body.

“It’s not instead of medication, rather the two things working in tandem.

“I’ll take James through his meditation at midday on Sunday and he should feel some positive effect if lots of people join in and have good thoughts about him.”

As well as individuals sending in cheques to the James Brain Power Trust which could help pay for future treatment, the TSB in Taunton is asking customers to donate £1 to the trust all this week and next.

Kate Stanbury, local banker at the branch, said: “We try to support local causes and James’s is such a touching story that when we saw it in the Gazette we wanted to help – and our customers are responding generously.”

James’s father, Simon Willetts, said: “We’re really grateful for the generous support so many people have given to James.

“It would be wonderful if people could join in on Sunday at midday with positive thoughts, maybe while looking at a picture of James.”

To donate to James’s trust, send cheques – not cash – made payable to ‘James Brain Power Trust’ to James Brain Power Trust, c/0 Somerset County Gazette, St James Street, Taunton TA1 1JR.

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