Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Veterans Find Comfort In Meditation Therapy

From The Huffington Post  

by David Wood

"...Veterans often return from war struggling with painful memories and emotions, and 648,000 currently receive compensation for post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. Many avoid sleep for fear of nightmares, staying hyper-vigilant to minimize fear and anxiety, and using drugs or alcohol to dull their emotions. Often they suffer chronic pain from injuries and from the clenched muscles caused by stress.

Meditation has been shown to have a significant healing benefit, enabling veterans to find a safe, quiet peace within themselves from which they can deeply relax and begin to sort out these troubling experiences and visions. Increasingly, meditation is seen as a critical complement to other forms of therapy and as an important alternative or complement to antidepressant drugs that numb, but do not cure, patients with PTSD.

But widespread acceptance of meditation within the Department of Veterans Affairs and the military is still at an early stage, despite a growing body of scientific evidence and the experiences of many veterans who have benefited from it..."  More

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