Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Meditation techniques for teenagers

By Jessica Childs,

"A study released by the American Psychological Association reveals that teens today are experiencing stress levels as high and in some cases even higher than their parents. The demands of the teenage world are definitely different but some local families are using the ancient practice of mediation to help their teens gain a more calm and focused life.

Meditation has become common practice for some of the biggest names in business, show business and even the world of sports. Albert Einstein reportedly meditated on a regular basis and some of the most innovative companies in the U.S. offer meditation training for their employees saying there's no better way to boost productivity and problem solving.

"It's something you can do right before a test... just like a little, short meditation, or if you play sports or whatever. If you get nervous, just make your breath really long and deep," said Angel McGehee at the Arkansas Yoga Collective Studio in Little Rock.

Getting a group of teens to unplug, be quiet, and still, can be a challenge in itself, but McGehee said her studio uses several different teen-friendly techniques, like walking meditation, to make the process easier to grasp...  More 

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